How To: DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume

Are you like a lot of us and Halloween sneaks up on you before you know it?

Not to fear..

With a couple items laying around the house, a dash of creativity & a BFF you can essentially rule the world! …and also throw together an adorable Halloween costume!

Check out our Nerdy Scientists..


Seriously, you couldn’t get any easier than some skinnies and a long sleeve T!


 Go to your craft basket / closet / room and grab those spools of ribbon you bought at Micheal’s three years ago that you couldn’t live without & do not tell me I am the only one..

If you don’t have your own Lili, you may have to Youtube a bow tie & how to make suspenders. But seriously, all it takes is some safety pins & glue dots!

Those glasses I bought at Goodwill last year for some reason and here they are, the sole inspiration behind these adorable costumes!


All those vases you have tucked in every nook and cranny, that you thought you’d one day use, but haven’t looked at in years.. Well TODAY is the DAY! Bust those bad boys out… fill them with water (to your level of desired mess) and drop and couple drops of food coloring in them… BAM! Beakers and Flasks! Add a couple syringes you get everytime your little cutie gets “bubble gum medicine” and you have a full blow science lab!

**Now of course, I wouldn’t have food coloring.. So we used Jello packets, cake decorating beads, Valentina hot sauce, and anything else we could find in the kitchen. At least I’m happy to report it didn’t phase the girls at all…**

I don’t think Lili and I were prepared for the amount of cuteness this was going to create.  So I’m just going to leave this right here…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Hey Gap called, they want their child models back…

But seriously, all of these things were just around my house. I can only imagine what we could have come up with had we been at Lili’s house. If I have it, so do you!

We don’t even mind if you copy us!

All our love,

The Adventurers

TJC’s Earth & Space Science Center Tyler, Texas

The Center for Earth & Space Science Education –
“The Planetarium”


1411 E Lake St, Tyler, TX 75701

If you’ve not explored TJC’s Planetarium, you should! They have an actual dome IMAX theater, awesome play area & gift shop!


How cool that you can fly high with the birds or dive deep with the whales, all from the comfort of a chair?! It was such a neat experience that the girls loved! They have several different shows & showtimes for your viewing pleasure 🙂 

**I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the screen, you MUST go see it in person**


Once we left the show, the girls raced to the downstairs play area. It was so clean and maticulous & the girls were overjoyed to play! 

**Lili & I would advise you to let your kiddies play first to get the wiggles out of their system before the show!**

The area was equipped with some scuba gear for your kids to trip around in

Microscopes for discoveries..

And a big fish tank full of underwater cuties!

If you can believe it, their favorite part was the blow up raft.. I do believe they could have played in it for an hour… ​

After the girls conned Lili into buying them a treat at the gift shop, they enjoyed watching the butterflies and running around the beautiful landscape on campus!

Visiting the planetarium is a perfect Saturday morning adventure. The campus is quiet and you can quickly fill two hours with fun! 

All our love,

The Adventurers!

Faulkner Park Spray Park Tyler, Texas

Spray Park


Faulkner Park

410 W. Cumberland Rd.

Tyler, Texas 75703

(903) 531-1370


Open 7 Days a Week

9 AM – 9 PM


Looking for a fun, inexpensive way to beat this Texas summer heat? Look no further than the Faulkner Park Spraypad in South Tyler.

FP 2

This is another place wear rules are few and far between, simply be kind to others & keep the park clean. This spraypad has several water features and a couple dump buckets if you are really looking for a splash. You can also bring buckets, water guns, and water balloons to add in the already exciting experience.


We would recommend bringing a picnic or at least snacks to munch on with LOTS of water. Being in the sun is draining, plus running and playing is more taxing on us and our littles.

FP 7

If your kiddos are like ours, they are ready for the next event no matter what you are doing. Thankfully, Faulkner Park has a playground in the same area as the splash pad. There are swings, slides, mountain (hehe) climbing, and the contraption photographed above the girls loved! They find it extremely rewarding to climb to the very top, which I guess to scale is a great feat!

FP 8

Aside from the cool splash park and playground, Faulkner Park also has Tennis Courts, Baseball Fields, Fishing, Hiking & Biking trails and beautiful scenery. If you have not explored Faulkner Park yet, you should really take a trip. We even got to help carry a turtle cross the road -he literally jumped out of my hands as soon as he saw the water.. who said turtles are slow?? The girls even caught some tadpoles in there butterfly nets. Just make SURE to bring bug spray, especially if you are going on a hike. Also… beware of the horse flies, just ask Lili, haha.. We are able to laugh about it now, because it’s over. However, we are only allowed to tell this story in hushed tones.

FP 3

As you can tell by these adorable faces, we recommend Faulkner Park Spray Park for an afternoon of cool fun in the sun!


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Water guns / buckets / water balloons
  • Towels
  • Dry clothes
  • Tennis shoes for hiking / playground
  • Water shoes / sandals (the sidewalks near the water get pretty hot)
  • Picnic
  • Water
  • Camera
  • Fishing Poles
  • Butterfly net
  • Chair, in case all of the benches / tables are taken


All our love,

The Adventurers

Depot Museum Henderson, Texas

Depot Museum

514 N High St, Henderson, TX 75652

(903) 657-4303

Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–1PM
Sunday Closed

(4th of July)

Hours might differ
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM


Admission Fees
Daily Rates

Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00

Seniors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.00

Children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00

Carousel Ride . . . . . . . . . $1.00

The Depot Museum in Henderson, Texas is truly a hidden gem! This is exactly the type of place the feeds our adventurous, playful, and out of the ordinary souls.


Unfortunately, we got to the museum at 3:45 pm and that’s when the sweet ladies informed us that they actually begin locking up and closing down at 4:00 pm because The Depot Museum has ELEVEN buildings to lock up! However, they were kind enough to let us play and explore awhile, thank goodness!


The first building you walk into is a really cool museum. You can find an antique car, vintage classroom set up, an elegant vanity display, classic music case and loads more!


The lady that took us around was so incredibly kind and full of fun facts. She told us about this hair curling contraption (haha) that curled your hair in 5 minutes and lasted a month! Hot tools.. what happened?


The next room we got to explore, was probably the most entertaining for the kiddos. It was a whole room filled with toys, dress up clothes, a club house, music toys, play doh, a puppet theater and much much more. The girls could have easily spent much more time in here, had we had it!


This room alone is a great place to curb some of your summertime boredom blues. All they ask is that you clean up after yourself which sounds reasonable to us.

Outside the play haven, there are several different shops to explore including, an old doctor’s office, country store and the oldest outhouse in Texas!


The girls had a blast running around and exploring the different historical markers and asking all sorts of questions.


We even put them to work a bit, haha! Which at this age, they still love. It is always so nice to be able to explore, touch and see all of these old artifacts. We love being left to our own devices and only wish that we had more time to really explore all of these cool exhibits.

The Carousel

What an amazing perk it was to discover that they have a vintage carousel from the 1960’s that still works! And at $1/per person, you can’t beat that with a stick. They even let us ride twice. As you can tell by these excited faces, our little adventurers had such a blast on the carousel and us moms enjoyed it as well.

While we were there we learned about Henderson’s annual Syrup Festival! This year will mark the 28th annual festival on Saturday, November 12th 9 AM – 5 PM. It occurs all over downtown Henderson and at the Depot Museum as well! There will be old-time syrup making, folk arts, antique tractors & cars, arts & crafts, hay rides, shopping vendors, live music & more! This sounds like all the makings of a great afternoon to us!


  • Come well before 4 PM, because you can easily spend several hours here
  • Bring Cash (although you don’t have to bring much because it is so inexpensive)
  • Camera
  • Water (this Texas heat…)


All our love,

The Adventurers

Green Acres Bowl Tyler, Texas

Green Acres Bowling Alley

2311 E SE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75703

(903) 561-2911


TUESDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 per game/per person; $1.50 shoes per person
THURSDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 per game/per person; $1.50 shoes per person
SATURDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 shoes per game/per person; $2.00 shoes per person


If you have given up on Green Acres Bowl or had a bad experience the last time you went. Give it another try! They are currently under new management & right away we could tell. Although the building is still dated, it’s understandable that there isn’t a whole lot you can do about that, shy of a complete tear down.

But if you’re looking for some fun & inexpensive family time, The Bowling Alley is a great option!


I think we can all agree that bowling is more fun with a group of friends! We were joined by our pals, Nate, Lily & Cherish. This dose of healthy competition was full of lots of cheering & laughter.

Although “some” of us were beginners…

They got the gist of it pretty quickly… However, the balls were moving pretty slowly lol


We did a lot of waiting in anticipation. Partly, to see how many pins got knocked down and partly to see if the ball would make it to the end… haha! And to be honest, it didn’t a couple of times.. But, the friendly staff was there to help us on both occasions, without even asking!

We did “cheat” a bit with the bumpers, however, we never pulled out the “dragon” – Which looks sort of like a slide for your bowling ball ($5 Extra)



Of course, it wouldn’t be our little adventurers if they didn’t begggggg for something extra and today was no different. The bowling alley has a few arcade games that you can play & naturally, we caved to their demands. Air hockey was our favorite & very intense. The games are a bit expensive (in our opinion) but nothing over $1.


  • Socks (Who hasn’t forgotten those infernal socks, once in their life) -they have a machine for backup, but no one wants to pay $6 for socks?
  • Comfy clothes (not a dress, Alyx…)
  • Quarters or $1 bills (they have a change machine)
    • You will need it for both games &&& the juke box!)
  • Friends & family
  • Your good bowling arm (hehe)


All our love,

The Adventurers

Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center Athens, Texas

*Things to do in East Texas*

Texas Fresh Water Fisheries Center

                                        5550 FM2495, Athens, TX 75752                                          (If your GPS takes you down 317, pick a different route, this road is temporarily closed)

Admission is $5.50-adults, $4.50-seniors 65 & older, &$3.50-children ages 4 – 12

FitBit Steps: 6,500!!

PSA: Don’t go on this awesome excursion unless you have at least 4 hours to enjoy!

*We recommend going early to escape some of the inevitable Texas heat*

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’re behind, children aren’t cooperating, traffic is bad, you have 20 minutes to get 30 miles away, gas light comes on 20 miles from your destination, you drive 3 miles down a closed road??? Yea, that was mine and Lili’s morning.. When we realized we weren’t going to make the 11:00 AM “Dive Show” we contemplated just trying again another day, when we struck some good luck…

You see, the hatchery has a Dive Show at 11 AM every day (besides Sunday, it’s at 2) and directly following is a tram tour around the facility and seeing as how the road closure set us back even further, we missed the Dive Show AND the 1st tram ride. HOWEVER, they happen to be taking a second group especially for a school and let us sneak on! Thankfully, everyone you encounter at the facility is super kind and helpful as well so our moods were changed almost immediately.


During the tour, our lovely guide & “Bob the driver” were most accommodating. She educated us on how the facility worked and even stopped to give some of their Koi fish a treat.


 …We did not accept the offer to get off, so our next stop was the outdoor fish tanks. There is fish food to buy at several different locations @ .25/handful.


The girls loved seeing all of the different types of fish & turtles!


Just past the outdoor fish tanks, you find several fishing ponds, waterfalls and roaming geese… which are not very friendly, Seri learned. As she tried to feed them by hand, they hissed at her!

The waterfalls were a huge hit, & my “graceful” adventurer, Abigayle, didn’t even fall in!



We decided to challenge ourselves and walk the Wetlands Trail down and back… Luckily, the trail was full of adventures & definitely built for all ages! Chock full of education, entertainment, beauty & plenty of resting stops. We even found a fun game!


This map kept us petty busy for most of the trail. Each image of an animal has its name and footprint next to it, which we thought was cool! And then…

We spotted the tracks on the trail! There are raccoon, heron, bunny, deer tracks & more. The girls thought this was so fun to spot the tracks & match them to the animal on the map (take a picture so you don’t have to keep walking back). They even found BEAR tracks which led us right to..

A live, working bee hive! There is a little hut, with active, honey producing bees inside. The walls are covered with facts and there is even audio information that plays.

With all the cool things to see and interactive stops, walking through the trail can take a while, but once we made our way the .6 mile to the duct pond (complete with a cool fake duck blind that has a water fountain!!). Not only will you find a picnic area, and lots of animals to feed, but every mother’s dream.. CLEAN BATHROOMS. Nope, we not once had to christen nature today & it was amazing.


The girls cared more about feeding the geese though.. I mean who could blame them?



Once we emerged from our wetland adventure, the fishing poles were calling the girls names. No worries if you didn’t bring any equipment, they have tons of poles and bait available for you, FOR FREE. Beware: The stink bate is extra stinky, haha!

We had a blast teaching the girls the ropes of casting & reeling. There are several little ponds to choose from and although we weren’t lucky enough to catch any, some gentlemen near us had a couple big ones on the line!


And just how stinkin’ cute are they with their little fishing poles.

**Side note: The hatchery would not be a bad place to take pictures, if you’re looking for something new. With all the lilly pads, bridges, wildflowers, and waterfalls you’re sure to find an excellent back drop!**

After complete heat exhaustion, we were thankful to find some reprieve in the indoor museum that was nice a cool, equip with water fountains of ice cold water.

There were lots of cool facts like, the largest large mouth bass caught in Texas was 18.8 Lbs!! Woah. And also more fishies to look at!

We even got to look at the huge fish tank they use for the Dive Show that we missed!


We had an absolutely amazing time here at the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center. Some great East Texas fun in the sun!


  • Plenty of water
  • Walking shoes
  • Comfy / cool clothing
  • Quarters (for fish/geese/turtle food)
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks/Picnic
  • Fishing equipment (if you’re particular about yours)
  • Butterfly / tadpole net
  • Bikes (we need to double check that that is permitted, but would’ve helped our gals on the trail)
  • Hat / Sunglasses
  • Camera

We would highly recommend adding the Texas Freshwater Fishery to your summer agenda!

We would also like to thank Mandy Scott for being so welcoming & hospitable to us!

All our love,

The Adventurers

Sky Vue Drive-In Tyler, Texas

Sky Vue Drive-In Theater

10713 US Hwy 69 N

Tyler, Texas 75706

$6 Adults, $4 Children 5-11yrs., Children 5 & under are free!

All prices plus tax

Cash, check, and credit card accepted


Angry Birds & Captain America – Playing the week of May 20 – May 25, 2016


We decided to kick-it old school and taken an adventure to the drive-in theater off of 69 towards Lindale, Texas! All that replays over and over in my mind is…

“Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool
What will they say Monday at school?”

As you can see we got verrrry comfy, with lots of blankets, pillows, chairs, snacks etc! We kept it very casual with a “No shoes, No problem” approach to the evening & it was nice & relaxing! You could really bring a whole BBQ if you wanted, this was sort of a “no rules” type place… which we love, lol!

As you can see the screen is HUGE, so it was easily viewed from all angles and far away. However, we were only accompanied by about 25 other cars, which we like hehe! We thought it was so cool that, before the movie started lots of kids were playing an running about. It was just a fun, relaxed, happy environment.

Hood 4

Once the movie began, the girls decided they would be super cool and sit on the hood of the car… We sat probably 20 yards away from the concession stand (where the sound comes) and could hear the movie just fine. However, we ended up turning the radio on (96.9) in the car with the windows down & is was as if we had surround sound! Pretty cool!!


Lol- you can tell by these faces, the flash was sooo annoying to our little adventurers. Being the pesky moms that we are though… we don’t mind being the ones bugging them once in awhile!


Although, after about 30 minutes the girls were no longer interested in the movie… (Which ended up being fine ** Movie Review below)

So they just played with their ball and ran around in the area next to us! It was ok, because the sound was so loud near the concession stand, no one could really hear them. Plus they were having a joyous time just being together!


The parts of the movie Lili and I did catch were a mix of funny & inappropriate. I don’t think we would recommend this for a family movie. There is just something about calling each other “flocking birds” that just sort of rubbed us wrong… And I promise, we aren’t prudes, but it’s just a little too close for comfort for us!




We would recommend this adventure for a fun casual night, close to home & way less expensive than the actual theater! Just watch movie reviews to see if you’re getting the right one for you!


All our love,

The Adventurers