Homestead Heritage in Waco, Texas

Homestead Heritage

608 Dry Creek Rd, Waco, TX 76705

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Are you looking for some good wholesome family fun? Look no further than Homestead Heritage in Waco, Texas. We were so thankful stumble upon this place (with the help of our tour guide, Bethany Moore) to set a tone for our weekend Waco adventure! We could have spent more than just a couple hours here if we had the time! Just being able to share a different way of life with our adventurers was such a blessing.


When you first arrive, just the natural beauty was enough to win us over. However, within the compound you will find trades that have been sorely lost on our generation. Take for instance the Blacksmith…


He took us step by step through the process of heating the metal and beating it into beautiful creations right before our very eyes! The sweet blacksmith even let Seri take a metal rose he made, she will cherish this for a lifetime. And for an older age group they offer classes!

Next we were off to the


Inside the man explained how it all worked, and how that stone itself was from the 1800’s and is still extremely useful to their every day way of life… How many things that we own could withstand the test of time like that??

Flour mill

“With our water-wheel-driven gristmill, we stone-grind the wheat into flour for our community’s use. Surplus wheat, we give away or make available for purchase as stone-ground flour at our community’s gristmill.”

They also have a shop connected that you can buy very reasonably priced baking mixes and things.

Water mill

This was the very active watermill they use to make it all possible. Lili and I were probably more amazed than the girls.

The also had basket weaving, thread making and a craftsman shop, most of which offer courses that teach you the trade!


We got to see their beautiful herb garden that they use to cook with..

Herb Garden

There were even some animals like turkeys, goats and horses roaming around..


I think one of my favorite parts was that there wasn’t a guide showing you around talking the place up or rules posted everywhere, we were really allowed to explore on our own. We didn’t feel like intruders or unwelcome, everyone we came in contact with was so kind and genuine and really eager to show you what they were working on.

Smoke House

We got to look inside and real smoke house where they were aging cheese and meat ( we thought about taking a slice of that cheese, hehe)

 A Green House..

And an Apple Cider Station…

Apple Cider

And the cherry on top of the sundae (literally) their is an amazing restaurant made from all of the yummy fresh food grown right on the homestead!

We got the most delicious ice cream ever…

Beth ice cream

There is so much yummy stuff on the menu that we can’t wait to go back and try…

Overall, we had an amazing time! The land was beautiful, the people kind, the food delicious, the air clean and the whole experience fed our souls!

To top it all off, all we paid for was the ice cream!

We would recommend a trip to the Homestead Heritage, but we were lucky enough to have the best tour guide, Bethany Moore, as well!!

All our love,

The Adventurers



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