Lake Tyler Marina Whitehouse, Texas

Sunday, January 24th, 2016 : Whitehouse, Tx. – $FREE$

                THE HIDDEN GEM 

This sweet spot Lili & Seri brought Abigayle and I to a few months ago & it quickly became one of our favorites! With the wide open spaces there is plenty of room for a picnic or kite flying! Today we brought some bread to feed some animals. And man were they hungry! It started with a couple swans….

And quickly turned into one heck of an adventure!

The girls [and moms] were having a blast! The girls fed them practically our whole picnic, haha!

We decided to take our adventure on the beautiful peir! It’s great for a beautiful walk or to show your chalk skills!

**Lili gets all the artistic credit**

We could not have asked for a more amazing day to go explore! If you keep walking on the pier you can find these big beautiful rocks to do a little “off-road hiking” on..

This picture is from mine and Abi’s first trip to this part of the lake, pretty cool huh?

*Potty adventures of Seri & Abi* Of course as soon as we get out on these rocks they have to use the bathroom… So the pristine white rocks got christened….

And today…’Alyx, can you distract the swans so they won’t get the girls while we go potty’  – Lili

 And then Seri distracting for Abi..a
little too close for comfort 😳

Overall, we had hours of fun, laughs, vitamin D, sunshine & even a couple scares haha! What a great adventure today was. Sometimes, all you need is a couple of good friends and room to explore.

All our love,

The Adventures

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