Ellen Trout Zoo Lufkin, Texas

Ellen Trout Zoo

402 Zoo Circle Lufkin, Tx 75904



OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Adults $7.00
Seniors 60 and older $6.00
Children 4 to 11 $3.50
Children under 4 Free

Members of Friends of the Ellen Trout Zoo Free

FitBit Steps: 5,200


If there has ever been an adventure that spoke to our soul, it is The Ellen Trout Zoo!    There are so many positive elements that we couldn’t be more excited to share this gem with you. 

Unlike, some other zoos that we’ve explored, Ellen Trout lets you get up close and personal with the animals. The Hippos had an above ground & underwater view as well, which we thought was super cool! We saw monkeys, kangaroos, giant turtles, snakes, koi fish, and much much more!


For obvious reasons, the lions, giraffes, jaguars and etc are more secure, but there was a good view for every animal. Between all of the greenery and roaming animals, we just felt like we were in an actual jungle the entire time. As if we had traveled to another country to go on a safari.

One of the biggest highlights were all of the peacocks roaming all about, strutting their stuff, haha! Watching the male peacocks try to impress the females was hilarious, they literally “shake their tail feathers”!! We even witnessed some of the males getting very territorial and even fighting a bit.

Seri’s main mission was to touch one, and as you can see that sweet peacock finally let her. Some of the others weren’t so accommodating…


By the giraffes, rhinos & a couple other exhibits were tables and chairs. We took full advantage of them for snack, water & relaxation breaks. And it didn’t hurt that there was an awesome view at each stopping point. You can sit and enjoy a break while watching different animals roam about!


Although, we picked an amazing 75 degree day to go on this adventure, there is so much shading from the trees, too much sun wouldn’t ever be an issue!

Z&OO Railroad

Depot Phone (936) 637-6810
Prices:$2.00 per ride -Children 3 and under ride free-



What an exciting bonus to find an adorable train located right outside the zoo! The train ride is 7 minutes and so fun. It takes you around the zoo and even over alligator water.     So keep your eyes pealed!


This adventure wasn’t just for the girls, us adults loved every part of the zoo & railroad as well! We had such a wonderful Sunday afternoon, we hope you can go soon! Maybe you could even go home with a new “mess free” pet….



  • CASH (You can use debit at the zoo entrance, just not the train)

All our love,

The Adventurers


4 thoughts on “Ellen Trout Zoo Lufkin, Texas

  1. I had no idea there was such a great zoo in Lufkin!
    Also, I love how you put in the practical details of all your outings, as well as showing how much fun you had. There is a lot of good information here that is helpful even for people who no longer have kids at home!

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