Tyler State Park Tyler, Texas

Sunday, January 30th, 2016

Tyler State Park – 789 Park Rd 16 Tyler, Texas 75706 – http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/tyler

*$5 each adult**kiddies are free*

    What a Beautiful  Adventure  

We were incredibly blessed with perfect weather & couldn’t have made our latest adventure more amazing.

Although TSP is the first place we’ve taken you that costs more than gas, it couldn’t be more worth it. This park not only has hours of fun you can fill days here as well! With camping offered it’s a great place for an overnight adventure. We filled the afternoon hours to the brim with excitement…

Beginning with Seri & Abi serenading the sweet folks enjoying the (previously) serene view….

 (I bet they’ll win a Grammy haha!) 

 They sang all sorts of songs and scared off most the fish, but enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Next, off to rent a canoe ($15)

Along with the canoe you can rent paddle boats, kayaks & fishing boats. We decided to let the girls have their lunch on the canoe too. They really enjoyed the view and touching the water, but not so much having to sit still with the fragile balancing act of the canoe.

Lili and I zigzagged the canoe all over the lake, haha!

Luckily, when we made it back there was a play area near by to keep the girls entertained while us moms had a rest.

What Seri & Abi couldn’t have expected was….

 …a pirate’s message in a bottle! As all good explorers though, they never leave the house without their adventure gear!

 So they packed up & set off to find the treasure. And boy did they find some cool treasures..


After finding all the pirate’s hidden treasure we all enjoyed the rest of the beautiful hike back.

All in all, Tyler State Park was a smashing success. With two active explorers, a little imagination & a gorgeous day, beautiful memories were made!

So next time you need an outdoor adventure, whether camping, hiking, boating, BBQing, biking or swimming (in the summer), Tyler State Park is a fantastic option!

All our love,

The Adventurers!


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