The Bullard Kid’s Park

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016: The Bullard Kid’s Park – Bullard, Texas – $FREE$


The Bullard Kid’s Park is the first play date Lili, Seri, Abigayle & I ever had. It was literally love at first sight! I knew right then we met soul mates for life, not only because they were (are) amazing, but we had an adventure right off the bat…Family 2 1297

The Bullard Kid’s Park is about 10 miles South of Tyler off Old Jacksonville and SO worth the drive. This park isn’t your typical metal concrete jungle. It is wood with so many nooks and crannies, perfect for hide and seek. You can tight rope walk, rock climb, go to space in the spaceship, have a timed race through an obstacle course and much more! There is a separation from a “kiddie” area to a “big girl (kid)” area, the bathrooms are nice, which as I previously stated, are HIGH on our list of qualifications haha, there is a place to have a picnic, and a decent amount of parking. All around a perfect park! *Added Bonus

The real adventure started when Lili busted out her awesome kite…. I had actually never flown a kite before and LOVE trying new things! We were having a blast running about, making ourselves look foolish and getting muddy all at the same time. All of a sudden, the POLICE show up, yes I said it, THE POLICE. We thought, “I wonder what’s going on?” We would have put a million dollars that he wasn’t walking over to us…. and we would have lost. Yes, someone called the police because we were flying a kite. HA, real hardened criminals we are. Apparently, we were getting too close to power lines….

Family 2 1298

Now, I’m not sure about you…. but I think it looks like we were in the clear. Luckily, the sweet officer thought so too, so we were spared being thrown in the clink on that blustery day. I thank that concerned citizen with the wavering depth perception though, because we still laugh to this day about that and a beautiful bond was formed.


Overall, Lili, Seri, Abigayle and I would highly recommend this park! It makes me want to take a trip to Bullard today!

*Added Bonus: The old park that has been there awhile is just a hop, skip and a jump from the new one and is very fun as well. So if the fancy new one is too busy you can just stroll over to the other side and have a grand time!

Family 2 1299

With all my love,


(Don’t forget the kite 😉 )

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