Caddo Indian Mounds Alto, Texas

Caddo Mounds

1649 State Hwy. 21 West, Alto, TX 75925

(My GPS didn’t take us exactly there, but once you turn onto HWY 21, you will run into it – there is a bird watching sign, historical marker, & the Caddo Mounds sign as well)


*FitBit Steps: Potentially a lot… but, we opted not too, you’ll see why below 🙂 *

Info sign

*Very inexpensive*


The indoor museum is interactive & as you can tell, very fun! Although not very big, the girls had an absolute blast. There were fancy (a little creepy lol) furs to wear, all sorts of informative signs to read and learn about the Indian culture with.

We learned that the Indian word for moon is “neesh”

( that was the simplest one, haha)

Lili and I received a gourmet meal, cooked with only the freshest ingredients. We really took “organic” to the next level and it was delicious! Let me tell you, these girls have some muscles too, because we tried to lift these pots and were impressed at how heavy they are. On top of that, Indian woman carried them on their heads? Geez.

The favorite though, was the drum and maracas (mostly the drums, haha).  And how cool that one of the museums directors heard how much fun the girls were having with the music and came out to play with them. This sort of thing is what adds such a special touch to our experience, you can tell that they genuinely care about this place.



Caddo Mounds State Historic Site is a prehistoric village and ceremonial center located on the original El Camino Real de los Tejas trail. Visitors can walk the 0.7 mile self-guided interpretive trail to see the Caddo’s burial, low temple, and ceremonial mounds.

…..But, they also allow moms like us to cheat & offer…

Golf Cart


Who’s the bomb? Oh, The Caddo Mounds Museum, that’s who!

I don’t think anything was more of a hit than taking the tour in the luxury of a golf cart at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

We had so much fun exploring the trails. We found lots of informative stops and an old barn that we wanted to stop and explore so badly… but decided to follow the “no trespassing” signs like good girls. You can even see pieces of the Neches River from the trail.

It was so interesting to us that we were standing on the same soil that was a trade mecca so many years ago for so many people. It is so beautiful and serene and nice that it hasn’t been tampered with, unlike so many places around us.


We highly recommend you pack a picnic! There are several places to stop and enjoy some lunch. We chose a place on the trail next to the river.

Here is a list of things we want you to remember to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Butterfly nets (there were beautiful butterflies everywhere! We were sad we didn’t have ours)
  • Picnic
  • If you choose to walk, walking shoes
  • Water
  • Camera
  • A little money for the gift shop if you choose
    • We bought 2 flutes (regrettably lol), a magnet & post card for $10


We would recommend the Caddo Mounds for a fun educational trip! If you’re worried about the drive, there are a lot of cool historical markers a long the way! We even took a trip to the “Haunted Footbridge” in Rusk… We are still trying to find out the story, so if you know – LET US KNOW!!


All our love,

The Adventurers

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