The Children’s Park Tyler, Texas

Monday, January 19th, 2016: The Children’s Park- Tyler, Tx – $FREE$

Lili & I have a [healthy] obsession with dressing Seri & Abigayle alike. So today’s plan was to go catch *’Norm the North’ in theaters, dress the girls & take pictures at The Children’s Park…

Our expectation:


Their reality:


This particular park doesn’t have your typical swing set & jungle gym. However, it has a beautiful waterfall, small creek, amazing landscape and rocks perfect for our adventure gals to climb. They recently added another play area with adorable padded insects to crawl on. The only major downfall of this park is the restroom situation, there aren’t any specifically for the park which makes for interesting adventures with toddlers. ESPECIALLY, these too! We could make a whole blog about Seri & Abi’s potty adventures, haha!

Needless to say, we had to bribe them to get the pictures Lili & I envisioned!

Ultimately, The Children’s Park was a great success! Happy mommies, happy adventurers! The girls had a blast & we got some great pictures.


*Norm of the North: Cute! A sweet movie about a polar bear (Norm) that is trying to help save his home in the arctic. It held the girls attention for the majority of the movie. Obviously, there were silly (cheesy) parts, and several hidden adult jokes, but that is the sacrifice you make for some buttered popcorn & toddlers. Actually, this movie entertained them (and us) more than The Peanuts Movie.


With love,

The 4 amigos!

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