Movie at the Park Tyler, Texas

Bergfeld Park

1510 S College Ave, Tyler, TX 75702 



“Come as you are, stay as long as you can. We’re all family so no seating plan”

If you’ve never felt a since of community in Tyler, Tx, this is the place you’ll find it! Once a month Tyler Parks and Recreation sets up a screen on the stage of the amphitheater at Bergfeld Park and plays a family friendly movie.

This time we were lucky enough to catch The Minions Movie, that Abigayle and Seri love!

There is always a banner hanging up with the movie, date, and time like this one..

It’s always hung at least a couple weeks ahead of time this way, you can add it to your plans! You can also find the date on the City of Tyler website that can be found above!

The Beautiful Playground

If you have time, it’s easy to make a whole night of it!

With the newly remodeled play area at Bergfeld, kids are sure to want to play for awhile! It includes

  • Two jungle gyms (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • Two netted merry-go-rounds (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • One classic merry-go-round
  • Monkey Bars
  • Reflex, which is a great sensory playground toy.
  • Several swings for babies and older children (and adults, haha)
  • Slides built into the ground

I’m telling you, it’s just awesome…



Here’s a little list of helpful items to bring:

  • Snacks/picnic/dinner
  • Drinks (however we were lucky and they passed out drinks for FREE)
  • Lawn chairs (if you prefer over bleacher seats)
  • Blanket
  • Bug spray (Bc let’s face it, it’s East Texas)
  • A toy incase of boredom
  • Hand sanitizer (there isn’t any soap in the bathrooms)

The Glass Center handed water and sodas throughout the entire movie, for FREE!

**donations accepted, but we never saw a place to donate…**

We set up camp in the very back of the theater and could see the screen and hear just fine! We had to rearrange the girls a bit because of their vertical challenges, but honestly there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

These two cuties stayed happy and engaged most of the movie, which we know how hard it is to be still when you’re 3 and 4! Luckily, there were bubbles in the bag towards the end!

They even made a new friend! Like I said, the since of community was so strong. What a nice feeling to have a fun, free night with your friends & family. You can forget your worries for a couple hours & relax (unless you’re Lili who brought her homework 😂). I would even go as far as saying PJs are definitely acceptable! Just don’t wear slippers in case you have to hike it to the bathroom!

We would definitely recommend enjoying a movie a the park!

 The next one is scheduled for:

Saturday, May 14th

 Movie: Inside Out

 We may see you there 🙂

All our love,

The Adventurers

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