Mayborn Museum Waco, Texas

Also known as heaven….


Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Mayborn Museum

1300 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76706




The Mayborn Museum is a little slice of heaven located in Waco, Texas. We were lucky enough to be there while Mr. Potato Head & tinker toys are the exhibit. However, without the exhibit, you will be so pleased with all of the visual & kinetic stimulation that your kiddies & YOU will experience. Along with the exhibit on the first level there is also a walk-thru with a whale head fossil, fossils beneath the floor you can walk on, Indian tepees and huts, artifacts, hidden animals and more!! This is the perfect place to play Ispy and become the ultimate explorers… we we’re also a daredevils as you see in the Indian pictures…

We also found an elephant who broke the wall and a caterpillar transitioning into a beautiful butterfly…

And while we loved downstairs… Upstairs is where the real magic happens

There is a WHOLE room dedicated to bubbles..

The girls LOVED this room, making huge bubbles and racing the duck boats was so cool.

You also have rooms dedicated to sight, sound & the human body…

I know you noticed the giant piano that Lili and I showed some made skills the girls cared nothing about, haha we’re just old moms! And yes Lili is showing off her nursing knowledge about the human body! We could’ve stayed in the music rooms for 2 hours, the girls remixing and us trying to perfect Mary Had a Little Lamb…

We were warned of the Tornado on the weather report..


You could have a tea party..

MM tea party

It’s hard to see in the pictures, but each place setting has it’s own rule abbout table etiquette straight from Emily Post… We ate crumpets and sipped tea… it was glorious!

And the best room of all…

A room modeled after It’s A Small World had cool dress up clothes & shoes, different instruments, neat decorations and for us A LOT of laughs!! The girls loved putting on all of those neat clothes and pranced around…. While Seri was a beautiful Japanese princess, Abigayle decided to be a funny Senor.. haha


If you can’t tell, we had an absolute blast! The girls did not want to leave.. luckily they were exhausted or we would have had a time of it. If you can believe it, all FOUR of us had a BLAST for 14 DOLLARS!! I’m telling you, this was a hit!

We definitely recommend the Mayborn Museum!

All our love,

The Adventurers

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