East Texas Gator Farm Grand Saline, Texas

East Texas Gators & Wildlife Park

9515 FM 1255, Grand Saline, TX 75140

(903) 962-5630


Sun.- Thurs. 9 am – 5 pm Fri. & Sat. 9 am – 8 pm  Admission is $7 adults and $6 for children ages 2-12
Senior citizens over 65 are $6

**Check for a Groupon**


New Pics 141

This was one of our first adventures we went on as you will be able to see our baby faced girls. However, The Gator Farm was definitely a memorable one and a must go, if you haven’t! The staff is so sweet and you can tell that this is really their passion. They have a love for all the animals and critters that really translates into the experience you have!

Inside the Shop

One of the best features (to some) is how close you get to get with the animals! As you will be able to see, Adventurer Seri is very hands on, where Adventurer Abigayle is more of a “watch from the sidelines” … or your moms arms kind of girl, HAHA!

They have everything from snakes, toads, spiders (yuck), raccoon, bearded dragons, birds, fish,lizards & more! Practically everything you are allowed to touch as well, which to some (Seri) was awesome!


In the top left, you can see the Lemurs, which the girls though were HILARIOUS, because they were running and jumping all over the place!

The also have an area with giant turtles you can walk around in & cages with all sorts of different animals!

Another great feature is that you will find different animals that you are use to seeing at the Zoo! Which is nice, because if you seen one parrot, you’ve seen them all essentially.



Of course, what you’re really going to see are the alligators! And let me tell you, you can get up close and personal as you see on the video! I would recommend calling ahead to see what time they’re feeding the gators, because it is really and truly amazing.


Feed the Ducks & Fish

You know we lovvvve to feed the animals! So DON’T FORGET YOUR QUARTERS! We always have to pry them away from feeding any sort of animal. Even our little chicken, Abigayle, likes the participate in this one!

They also have a play area for the kiddies, but unfortunately when we went it had just rained a tone and we couldn’t get to it 😦

East Texas Gators would definitely be a “don’t let the looks deceive you” kind of place, because even though it may not look like a grand adventure from the outside, you’ll find that it truly is a hidden gem.

**THE BATHROOMS WERE CLEAN AND SMELLED FRESH** any mother knows what a PLUS, PLUS, PLUS this is!

gator farm

Unfortunately, since we were new to the game when we went, we didn’t have the pictures we usually do, but as you can see from these smiling faces, that doesn’t make a difference to them!


All our love,

The Adventurers

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