Indoor Water Park in East Texas!

Friday, February 12th, 2016

With all of the stress of school, work, and life, Lili and I decided to surprise the girls with an evening trip to our local…. INDOOR WATER PARK! I mean who knew East Texas would have such amenities?


18270 Singing Wood Ln, Flint, TX 75762 


Practically any age, but more fun at 3 years +


I could not possibly describe in words how excited Seri & Abi were when we pulled up. Not only to have another adventure with each other, but to be in water?! In February?! Say it isn’t so…

villages 9

…I think their enormous cheesy grins say it all.


-3 small slides

-2 medium slides

-2 large slides

-Lazy river

-Wave pool (The girls favorite!)

-Captains ship w/ obstacles

-Clean bathrooms (which seems like a 1st for our adventures)

-Subway & Pizzahut

-Lifeguards at every post

Let me shed a little insight for your trip if you decide to have your next adventure at the Villages Water Park.

1. If you go after 4 PM there is a price break.

2. If you go on a weekday during the winter you get a price break and possibly, like us the WHOLE PARK TO YOURSELF!

We didn’t have to wait in a single line or share the wave pool with any one. Since this is one of our pricier adventures, the fact that we have free reign over the whole park was absolutely amazing. And booooyyy… did we take advantage of free reign. There are so many nooks and crannies to get into, but beware of the HUGE dumping bucket of water… It has some force behind, Abi found out first hand! And Seri was able to face her fear of the enclosed slide! All in all a very exciting day!

Seri & Abi (..and us moms 🙂 ) slide down the medium slides, probably 45 times a piece.

**Added bonus, you must climb stairs to get to those slides, so we all got our workouts in, haha!**

We slid and swam and floated and hit the waves and blew off some much needed steam!! The girls played for over 2 hours and still had to pry the girls out of the park as they were turning the lights off on us! Water gives us so much peace and being able to have that more than just the summer is an amazing privilege.  We would recommend The Water Park at The Villages to any one that needs a slice of summer in the off season.

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