Family Movie Matinee at the Public Library Tyler, Texas 

Family Movie Matinee

Tyler Public Library

201 S College Ave, Tyler, TX 75702

(903) 593-7323


What a jackpot we found! Every third Saturday of the month the Tyler Public Library offers a FREE movie matinee for the whole family from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM!


….and as you can see, we were not the only ones excited about seeing an afternoon movie. Our little adventurers couldn’t wait to get inside and make a pallet.

Image result for pete's dragon

Last Saturday we lucked out with Pete’s Dragon, Abigayle and I hadn’t ever seen it before. I think this was a great pick for multiple ages.


In the library’s auditorium they have a large screen that projects onto the wall which makes you feel like you’re right at the movies. Better than the movies though, you can bring all the cozy pillows, blankets, and “Sparkly Eyed Animals” your heart desires. We even took off our shoes to maximize comfort 🙂

You are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks inside. However, if you run out or forgot yours, there are drink and snack vending machines conveniently right outside. I wish we would have gotten to the auditorium a little early so we could get settled before the movie began.

This matinee movie was just how we like it, BYOS (Bring your own stuff), not many rules, and extremely enjoyable.

ALSO.. If you are like Lili & I, full time college students, it is always nice to know that the library offers free WiFi. So you can bring homework, work, or feed your love of Pinterest while your kiddos are entertained.


However, not having my laptop was a good excuse to enjoy cuddles with these two cuties.

AND, the sweet lady at the library informed us that EVERY MORNING during Spring Break week they will be showing a movie from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Movies like Moana, Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, and more!


Once you’re finished with the movie, you can trot over to the library with tons of books. And what is better than a movie and a good book?


  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Snacks / Drinks
  • Change for vending machines
  • Bring homework/work
  • Get there a bit early to get settled
  • Your library card (only if you check out books after)

Definitely mark your calendars to come enjoy one of these family matinee movies!

All our Love,

The Adventurers


Helen Lee’s Daffodil Garden Gladewater, Texas

Helen Lee’s Daffodil Garden

21600 CR 3103

Gladewater, TX 75647


Location: To reach to garden, turn east on Smith County Road 3104 from US 271 seven miles north of its junction with Interstate 20 (about 100 miles east of Dallas). Drive a mile and a half, turn right on Smith County Road 3103, then continue one-fourth mile to the entrance sign.

Directions to Mrs. Lee's Daffodils

Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm daily, 7 days a week from mid-February through March or until the daffodils are no longer in bloom.

Admission: $Free$ (Donations accepted)


Looking for a sweet escape, beautiful  backdrop, or good dose of vitamin D?

Mrs. Lee’s daffodil garden is spectacular. Tucked away in deep East Texas, is 1,000 acres of rolling hills and 28 solid acres of beautifully golden Daffodils.

One your way to this oasis, be careful with the traffic. The roads are small and over the weekend the traffic was heavy. There were two sweet women at the entrance to debrief you and accept a donations.

And what could make this a more beautiful scenery…


Two adorable curly headed cuties… 🙂


Once you enter, you will enjoy a scenic journey to parking. After you cross over two wooden bridges, you will see a sign for parking. This was a beautiful area to explore and take pictures.

Lili had the girls “inspect” the flowers for creatures, which they loved and allowed us to capture some sweet moments.

Somehow, each patch of Daffodil’s looks more beautiful than the last. Consequently, we traipsed all over… BUT, if at all possible, wear closed toed shoes. We had a few incidents involving sandals, roots, twigs, cuts, and whines, haha! As you can see though, we were able to still get a few giggles from our girls.


“The kiss of the sun for pardon. The song of the bird for mirth. You’re nearer God’s heart in a Garden than anywhere else on earth.”


Can you say, model status??? Geez…

Once you’ve taken a minimum of 300 pictures at this spot, load up and head to the cabin where Mrs. Lee lived.


Read all about the history of the family, land and Daffodils here:


Even though our beautiful girlies were in a mood.. we are still so thankful to have experienced such a lovely slice of heaven. You can tell that the garden was created with love and has been maintained throughout the years with such care.


  • There are so many spots for a picnic…
    • So bring a blanket, basket and appetite!
  • Closed toe shoes, if your ensemble allows 🙂
  • Camera with a full charge, you’ll need it!
  • Allow several hours to explore
  • A nap for toddlers beforehand so they are willing to take a million photos
  • Use the sunroof if you have one, the kiddos loved it!
  • Try going on a weekday, it may be less busy.

We would definitely taking a family adventure here to enjoy some sunshine!


All our love,

The Adventurers

Green Acres Bowl Tyler, Texas

Green Acres Bowling Alley

2311 E SE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75703

(903) 561-2911


TUESDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 per game/per person; $1.50 shoes per person
THURSDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 per game/per person; $1.50 shoes per person
SATURDAY 8 AM – 4 PM $2.00 shoes per game/per person; $2.00 shoes per person


If you have given up on Green Acres Bowl or had a bad experience the last time you went. Give it another try! They are currently under new management & right away we could tell. Although the building is still dated, it’s understandable that there isn’t a whole lot you can do about that, shy of a complete tear down.

But if you’re looking for some fun & inexpensive family time, The Bowling Alley is a great option!


I think we can all agree that bowling is more fun with a group of friends! We were joined by our pals, Nate, Lily & Cherish. This dose of healthy competition was full of lots of cheering & laughter.

Although “some” of us were beginners…

They got the gist of it pretty quickly… However, the balls were moving pretty slowly lol


We did a lot of waiting in anticipation. Partly, to see how many pins got knocked down and partly to see if the ball would make it to the end… haha! And to be honest, it didn’t a couple of times.. But, the friendly staff was there to help us on both occasions, without even asking!

We did “cheat” a bit with the bumpers, however, we never pulled out the “dragon” – Which looks sort of like a slide for your bowling ball ($5 Extra)



Of course, it wouldn’t be our little adventurers if they didn’t begggggg for something extra and today was no different. The bowling alley has a few arcade games that you can play & naturally, we caved to their demands. Air hockey was our favorite & very intense. The games are a bit expensive (in our opinion) but nothing over $1.


  • Socks (Who hasn’t forgotten those infernal socks, once in their life) -they have a machine for backup, but no one wants to pay $6 for socks?
  • Comfy clothes (not a dress, Alyx…)
  • Quarters or $1 bills (they have a change machine)
    • You will need it for both games &&& the juke box!)
  • Friends & family
  • Your good bowling arm (hehe)


All our love,

The Adventurers

Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center Athens, Texas

*Things to do in East Texas*

Texas Fresh Water Fisheries Center

                                        5550 FM2495, Athens, TX 75752                                          (If your GPS takes you down 317, pick a different route, this road is temporarily closed)

Admission is $5.50-adults, $4.50-seniors 65 & older, &$3.50-children ages 4 – 12

FitBit Steps: 6,500!!

PSA: Don’t go on this awesome excursion unless you have at least 4 hours to enjoy!

*We recommend going early to escape some of the inevitable Texas heat*

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’re behind, children aren’t cooperating, traffic is bad, you have 20 minutes to get 30 miles away, gas light comes on 20 miles from your destination, you drive 3 miles down a closed road??? Yea, that was mine and Lili’s morning.. When we realized we weren’t going to make the 11:00 AM “Dive Show” we contemplated just trying again another day, when we struck some good luck…

You see, the hatchery has a Dive Show at 11 AM every day (besides Sunday, it’s at 2) and directly following is a tram tour around the facility and seeing as how the road closure set us back even further, we missed the Dive Show AND the 1st tram ride. HOWEVER, they happen to be taking a second group especially for a school and let us sneak on! Thankfully, everyone you encounter at the facility is super kind and helpful as well so our moods were changed almost immediately.


During the tour, our lovely guide & “Bob the driver” were most accommodating. She educated us on how the facility worked and even stopped to give some of their Koi fish a treat.


 …We did not accept the offer to get off, so our next stop was the outdoor fish tanks. There is fish food to buy at several different locations @ .25/handful.


The girls loved seeing all of the different types of fish & turtles!


Just past the outdoor fish tanks, you find several fishing ponds, waterfalls and roaming geese… which are not very friendly, Seri learned. As she tried to feed them by hand, they hissed at her!

The waterfalls were a huge hit, & my “graceful” adventurer, Abigayle, didn’t even fall in!



We decided to challenge ourselves and walk the Wetlands Trail down and back… Luckily, the trail was full of adventures & definitely built for all ages! Chock full of education, entertainment, beauty & plenty of resting stops. We even found a fun game!


This map kept us petty busy for most of the trail. Each image of an animal has its name and footprint next to it, which we thought was cool! And then…

We spotted the tracks on the trail! There are raccoon, heron, bunny, deer tracks & more. The girls thought this was so fun to spot the tracks & match them to the animal on the map (take a picture so you don’t have to keep walking back). They even found BEAR tracks which led us right to..

A live, working bee hive! There is a little hut, with active, honey producing bees inside. The walls are covered with facts and there is even audio information that plays.

With all the cool things to see and interactive stops, walking through the trail can take a while, but once we made our way the .6 mile to the duct pond (complete with a cool fake duck blind that has a water fountain!!). Not only will you find a picnic area, and lots of animals to feed, but every mother’s dream.. CLEAN BATHROOMS. Nope, we not once had to christen nature today & it was amazing.


The girls cared more about feeding the geese though.. I mean who could blame them?



Once we emerged from our wetland adventure, the fishing poles were calling the girls names. No worries if you didn’t bring any equipment, they have tons of poles and bait available for you, FOR FREE. Beware: The stink bate is extra stinky, haha!

We had a blast teaching the girls the ropes of casting & reeling. There are several little ponds to choose from and although we weren’t lucky enough to catch any, some gentlemen near us had a couple big ones on the line!


And just how stinkin’ cute are they with their little fishing poles.

**Side note: The hatchery would not be a bad place to take pictures, if you’re looking for something new. With all the lilly pads, bridges, wildflowers, and waterfalls you’re sure to find an excellent back drop!**

After complete heat exhaustion, we were thankful to find some reprieve in the indoor museum that was nice a cool, equip with water fountains of ice cold water.

There were lots of cool facts like, the largest large mouth bass caught in Texas was 18.8 Lbs!! Woah. And also more fishies to look at!

We even got to look at the huge fish tank they use for the Dive Show that we missed!


We had an absolutely amazing time here at the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center. Some great East Texas fun in the sun!


  • Plenty of water
  • Walking shoes
  • Comfy / cool clothing
  • Quarters (for fish/geese/turtle food)
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks/Picnic
  • Fishing equipment (if you’re particular about yours)
  • Butterfly / tadpole net
  • Bikes (we need to double check that that is permitted, but would’ve helped our gals on the trail)
  • Hat / Sunglasses
  • Camera

We would highly recommend adding the Texas Freshwater Fishery to your summer agenda!

We would also like to thank Mandy Scott for being so welcoming & hospitable to us!

All our love,

The Adventurers

Movie at the Park Tyler, Texas

Bergfeld Park

1510 S College Ave, Tyler, TX 75702 



“Come as you are, stay as long as you can. We’re all family so no seating plan”

If you’ve never felt a since of community in Tyler, Tx, this is the place you’ll find it! Once a month Tyler Parks and Recreation sets up a screen on the stage of the amphitheater at Bergfeld Park and plays a family friendly movie.

This time we were lucky enough to catch The Minions Movie, that Abigayle and Seri love!

There is always a banner hanging up with the movie, date, and time like this one..

It’s always hung at least a couple weeks ahead of time this way, you can add it to your plans! You can also find the date on the City of Tyler website that can be found above!

The Beautiful Playground

If you have time, it’s easy to make a whole night of it!

With the newly remodeled play area at Bergfeld, kids are sure to want to play for awhile! It includes

  • Two jungle gyms (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • Two netted merry-go-rounds (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • One classic merry-go-round
  • Monkey Bars
  • Reflex, which is a great sensory playground toy.
  • Several swings for babies and older children (and adults, haha)
  • Slides built into the ground

I’m telling you, it’s just awesome…



Here’s a little list of helpful items to bring:

  • Snacks/picnic/dinner
  • Drinks (however we were lucky and they passed out drinks for FREE)
  • Lawn chairs (if you prefer over bleacher seats)
  • Blanket
  • Bug spray (Bc let’s face it, it’s East Texas)
  • A toy incase of boredom
  • Hand sanitizer (there isn’t any soap in the bathrooms)

The Glass Center handed water and sodas throughout the entire movie, for FREE!

**donations accepted, but we never saw a place to donate…**

We set up camp in the very back of the theater and could see the screen and hear just fine! We had to rearrange the girls a bit because of their vertical challenges, but honestly there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

These two cuties stayed happy and engaged most of the movie, which we know how hard it is to be still when you’re 3 and 4! Luckily, there were bubbles in the bag towards the end!

They even made a new friend! Like I said, the since of community was so strong. What a nice feeling to have a fun, free night with your friends & family. You can forget your worries for a couple hours & relax (unless you’re Lili who brought her homework 😂). I would even go as far as saying PJs are definitely acceptable! Just don’t wear slippers in case you have to hike it to the bathroom!

We would definitely recommend enjoying a movie a the park!

 The next one is scheduled for:

Saturday, May 14th

 Movie: Inside Out

 We may see you there 🙂

All our love,

The Adventurers