Blueberry Hill Farm & Nursery Edom, Texas

Blueberry Hill Farm & Nursery

10268 FM 314
Edom, Texas  75756


Daily hours of Operation

7:00 am till 5:00 pm


    Open 7 days a week.

Including the Fourth of July

 Open rain or shine
Blueberries                                  $ 2.95 lb. U-Pick’em
Blackberries                                $ 3.00 lb. U-Pick’em


If you are looking for a fresh air & fun this summer, look no further than Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, Texas. What a wonderful place to unplug, unwind, and simply enjoy family time!


We got to the farm about 9:30 AM and it was perfectly cool & breezy. When you go inside they have picking buckets for you to choose from. Brown baskets for blueberries & plastic tubs for blackberries (we did not see this memo until later 🙂


From there, we were left to our own devices… which as you all know, we love! The girls (and moms) were able to roam free and enjoy the morning breeze. There weren’t many ripe blackberries left from the weekend, but PLENTY of delicious blueberries for the taking.


The girls genuinely had an amazing time picking berries. They loved being entrusted with picking juicy berries, showing off their picks with pride, and being about to run freely through the rows of bushes!

After we picked to our hearts desire, Lili and I enjoyed a delicious homemade blueberry muffin, under the shade, next to the fan while our cuties played in the sandbox nearby.

The staff is extremely friendly and the owners are especially talented. Every bite that we tasted was mouth watering. We probably could have bought the whole store, given the opportunity! We will most definitely be back!


If you have the time after your picking, take an hour to explore Edom’s adorable culture. Homemade pottery, handmade jewelry, antiques, adorable birdhouses, and some delicious down home cooking at The Shed. You are sure to be pleased by exploring this quaint town. Unfortunately, most shops were closed on Monday, but I’m certain during the weekend it is especially alive!


We were very proud and excited to eat our delicious homemade pie with fresh blueberries straight from the farm! And it was so scrumptious!




  • Play shoes (because your adorable white Keds, WILL get filthy)
  • Comfortable clothes (for optimal running & playing)
  • Bug Spray (the girls were eaten alive in the sandbox)
  • Hand Sanitizer (you WILL want to enjoy delicious treats after you pick)
  • Cash or Card (all of the berries, jams, ice cream, and muffins are very reasonable & you will not want to miss out!)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat / Sunglasses
  • Camera (You won’t want to miss adorable vineyard pictures)
  • No pets


We hope you enjoy your next family adventure!

All our love,

The Adventurers



Movie at the Park Tyler, Texas

Bergfeld Park

1510 S College Ave, Tyler, TX 75702 



“Come as you are, stay as long as you can. We’re all family so no seating plan”

If you’ve never felt a since of community in Tyler, Tx, this is the place you’ll find it! Once a month Tyler Parks and Recreation sets up a screen on the stage of the amphitheater at Bergfeld Park and plays a family friendly movie.

This time we were lucky enough to catch The Minions Movie, that Abigayle and Seri love!

There is always a banner hanging up with the movie, date, and time like this one..

It’s always hung at least a couple weeks ahead of time this way, you can add it to your plans! You can also find the date on the City of Tyler website that can be found above!

The Beautiful Playground

If you have time, it’s easy to make a whole night of it!

With the newly remodeled play area at Bergfeld, kids are sure to want to play for awhile! It includes

  • Two jungle gyms (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • Two netted merry-go-rounds (1 for older kids, 1 for younger kids)
  • One classic merry-go-round
  • Monkey Bars
  • Reflex, which is a great sensory playground toy.
  • Several swings for babies and older children (and adults, haha)
  • Slides built into the ground

I’m telling you, it’s just awesome…



Here’s a little list of helpful items to bring:

  • Snacks/picnic/dinner
  • Drinks (however we were lucky and they passed out drinks for FREE)
  • Lawn chairs (if you prefer over bleacher seats)
  • Blanket
  • Bug spray (Bc let’s face it, it’s East Texas)
  • A toy incase of boredom
  • Hand sanitizer (there isn’t any soap in the bathrooms)

The Glass Center handed water and sodas throughout the entire movie, for FREE!

**donations accepted, but we never saw a place to donate…**

We set up camp in the very back of the theater and could see the screen and hear just fine! We had to rearrange the girls a bit because of their vertical challenges, but honestly there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

These two cuties stayed happy and engaged most of the movie, which we know how hard it is to be still when you’re 3 and 4! Luckily, there were bubbles in the bag towards the end!

They even made a new friend! Like I said, the since of community was so strong. What a nice feeling to have a fun, free night with your friends & family. You can forget your worries for a couple hours & relax (unless you’re Lili who brought her homework 😂). I would even go as far as saying PJs are definitely acceptable! Just don’t wear slippers in case you have to hike it to the bathroom!

We would definitely recommend enjoying a movie a the park!

 The next one is scheduled for:

Saturday, May 14th

 Movie: Inside Out

 We may see you there 🙂

All our love,

The Adventurers

East Texas Gator Farm Grand Saline, Texas

East Texas Gators & Wildlife Park

9515 FM 1255, Grand Saline, TX 75140

(903) 962-5630

Sun.- Thurs. 9 am – 5 pm Fri. & Sat. 9 am – 8 pm  Admission is $7 adults and $6 for children ages 2-12
Senior citizens over 65 are $6

**Check for a Groupon**


New Pics 141

This was one of our first adventures we went on as you will be able to see our baby faced girls. However, The Gator Farm was definitely a memorable one and a must go, if you haven’t! The staff is so sweet and you can tell that this is really their passion. They have a love for all the animals and critters that really translates into the experience you have!

Inside the Shop

One of the best features (to some) is how close you get to get with the animals! As you will be able to see, Adventurer Seri is very hands on, where Adventurer Abigayle is more of a “watch from the sidelines” … or your moms arms kind of girl, HAHA!

They have everything from snakes, toads, spiders (yuck), raccoon, bearded dragons, birds, fish,lizards & more! Practically everything you are allowed to touch as well, which to some (Seri) was awesome!


In the top left, you can see the Lemurs, which the girls though were HILARIOUS, because they were running and jumping all over the place!

The also have an area with giant turtles you can walk around in & cages with all sorts of different animals!

Another great feature is that you will find different animals that you are use to seeing at the Zoo! Which is nice, because if you seen one parrot, you’ve seen them all essentially.



Of course, what you’re really going to see are the alligators! And let me tell you, you can get up close and personal as you see on the video! I would recommend calling ahead to see what time they’re feeding the gators, because it is really and truly amazing.


Feed the Ducks & Fish

You know we lovvvve to feed the animals! So DON’T FORGET YOUR QUARTERS! We always have to pry them away from feeding any sort of animal. Even our little chicken, Abigayle, likes the participate in this one!

They also have a play area for the kiddies, but unfortunately when we went it had just rained a tone and we couldn’t get to it 😦

East Texas Gators would definitely be a “don’t let the looks deceive you” kind of place, because even though it may not look like a grand adventure from the outside, you’ll find that it truly is a hidden gem.

**THE BATHROOMS WERE CLEAN AND SMELLED FRESH** any mother knows what a PLUS, PLUS, PLUS this is!

gator farm

Unfortunately, since we were new to the game when we went, we didn’t have the pictures we usually do, but as you can see from these smiling faces, that doesn’t make a difference to them!


All our love,

The Adventurers

Mineola Nature Preserve 

Sunday, March 29th
Mineola Nature Preserve 

1860 Co Rd 2724, Mineola, TX 75773


Grab your walking shoes (take a lesson from us-it would be much more comfortable in workout clothes), pack a back pack, and head to Mineola, Tx.

This place is a beautiful, serene escape for some much needed fresh air & sunshine!

As soon as you park there are beautiful wildflower beds.

We took this opportunity  to dust off the old butterfly nets and do some catching!

There are plenty of fishing spots

But since we didn’t bring our poles, we fed the ducks instead!

Then we headed off on the trails…

We found a beehive..


And a pond with frogs, snakes, turtles & even little crawfish….

We even found a rickety bridge and took our chances across it 😬 yikes

Two & a half hours & 5,500 steps* later, we made it back! But, our little adventurers STILL had enough energy for the play area that’s on the way out..

We couldn’t have asked for a better place to spend a gorgeous day. This is definitely a must go!! We had an amazing adventure. Sadly, no butterflies.. But I think we caught everything else, haha


*For the Fitbit mommas, I’m going to put the amount of steps I tracked per adventure (thanks for the idea, Billy)

All our love,

The adventurers

Sunday Funday 

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Tyler, Texas 

Was anyone else incredibly thankful for the sunshine?? We took full advantage of the abundance of vitamin D yesterday! Our adventures were casual, bountiful, and lovely! 

We embraced the rain and jumped in several muddy puddles.. 

Let our little fairy princesses play in the magical bushes..

Play with bubbles…

“I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles.”- Knocked Up (Paul Rudd) 

But isn’t it the truth… Our little adventurers can play with bubbles for hours… And why not?? They laugh and giggle all the while our hearts melt! 

And we celebrated National Plant a Flower Day! 

We try to let them get dirty without freaking out when we can & today was one of those days! They planted pretty flowers and got a small photosynthesis lesson at the same time! Win win win! 

Some of the funniest days are hanging out at the house in the sunshine! You never know what memories you can make with some fairy wings, bubbles and a couple flowers! These girls amaze us daily!

We hope you can have a day like this too! 


The Adventurers! 

Indoor Water Park in East Texas!

Friday, February 12th, 2016

With all of the stress of school, work, and life, Lili and I decided to surprise the girls with an evening trip to our local…. INDOOR WATER PARK! I mean who knew East Texas would have such amenities?


18270 Singing Wood Ln, Flint, TX 75762 


Practically any age, but more fun at 3 years +


I could not possibly describe in words how excited Seri & Abi were when we pulled up. Not only to have another adventure with each other, but to be in water?! In February?! Say it isn’t so…

villages 9

…I think their enormous cheesy grins say it all.


-3 small slides

-2 medium slides

-2 large slides

-Lazy river

-Wave pool (The girls favorite!)

-Captains ship w/ obstacles

-Clean bathrooms (which seems like a 1st for our adventures)

-Subway & Pizzahut

-Lifeguards at every post

Let me shed a little insight for your trip if you decide to have your next adventure at the Villages Water Park.

1. If you go after 4 PM there is a price break.

2. If you go on a weekday during the winter you get a price break and possibly, like us the WHOLE PARK TO YOURSELF!

We didn’t have to wait in a single line or share the wave pool with any one. Since this is one of our pricier adventures, the fact that we have free reign over the whole park was absolutely amazing. And booooyyy… did we take advantage of free reign. There are so many nooks and crannies to get into, but beware of the HUGE dumping bucket of water… It has some force behind, Abi found out first hand! And Seri was able to face her fear of the enclosed slide! All in all a very exciting day!

Seri & Abi (..and us moms 🙂 ) slide down the medium slides, probably 45 times a piece.

**Added bonus, you must climb stairs to get to those slides, so we all got our workouts in, haha!**

We slid and swam and floated and hit the waves and blew off some much needed steam!! The girls played for over 2 hours and still had to pry the girls out of the park as they were turning the lights off on us! Water gives us so much peace and being able to have that more than just the summer is an amazing privilege.  We would recommend The Water Park at The Villages to any one that needs a slice of summer in the off season.

Indoor Adventures in East Texas

February 6th, 2016 – $$VARIES$$

Typically, us adventurers like to stay outdoors as much as possible and Texas is usually pretty good about sunshine. However, there are some weekends that are just too cold, wet, windy, etc. So today, we’re putting down some of the indoor adventures we’ve had around town.




2607 W Loop 281, Longview, TX 75604 –

Kid's station

If you remember Kid’s Depot, Kid’s Station is very similar. Unlike, Chuck E Cheese, Kid’s Station has way more tunnels, slides, mazes, etc. This is a perfect place for hide & seek, and obstacle races. The best part was, Lili & I got to join in on the fun as well. It was so big we climb and crawled all over too. Kid’s Station is not very expensive and you can play for hours.

New Pics 150




2029 Capital Drive #500, Tyler, TX 75701


New Pics 062

Dodge ball, basketball, foam pits galore!! If you are looking for an indoor activity that will tire your little ones (&& you) out quickly… look no further! In my opinion, iJump was a fantastic addition to recreation in Tyler, Texas! PSA – the foam pit however, is harrrd to get out of above the age of 12. Very very commical, I must say. And for moms… a little harder to keep your “composure” after having babies, with all that laughing and jumping. All in all though, it’s an excellent place for kids of all ages really and with the special Groupon pricing, it can’t be beat!

And occasionally you just have to bite the bullet…..


Tyler, Texas

736 W SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701

An adventure is definitely what you’ll have visiting the mouse, but the amount of fun that the girls have is ALWAYS worth it in the end. No matter what, I always have a game plan and a conversation before we even go inside.

*How many tokens is the limit* *How long we will stay*

*Absolutely no arguing or bargaining when I say it’s time to leave*

All in all though, the games are inexpensive especially at 1 token per game it’s easily hours of fun for a mere $10/kid, maximum.

And sometimes you just have to have an old fashioned dance party!!


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With all our love,

The Adventurers