Sunday Funday 

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Tyler, Texas 

Was anyone else incredibly thankful for the sunshine?? We took full advantage of the abundance of vitamin D yesterday! Our adventures were casual, bountiful, and lovely! 

We embraced the rain and jumped in several muddy puddles.. 

Let our little fairy princesses play in the magical bushes..

Play with bubbles…

“I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles.”- Knocked Up (Paul Rudd) 

But isn’t it the truth… Our little adventurers can play with bubbles for hours… And why not?? They laugh and giggle all the while our hearts melt! 

And we celebrated National Plant a Flower Day! 

We try to let them get dirty without freaking out when we can & today was one of those days! They planted pretty flowers and got a small photosynthesis lesson at the same time! Win win win! 

Some of the funniest days are hanging out at the house in the sunshine! You never know what memories you can make with some fairy wings, bubbles and a couple flowers! These girls amaze us daily!

We hope you can have a day like this too! 


The Adventurers! 

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