Rainy Day Adventures Tyler, Texas


Monday, April 18th, 2016

Tyler, Texas

$$$ $10 TOTAL $$$


We did not let Mr. Weather man stop us from having an amazing adventure yesterday! We packed in 6 full hours of non-stop fun and at the end of the day, I spent $10 total!! Let me just tell you if you haven’t tapped in to the secret of The Dollar Tree, you have got to go. Seriously, all you need for crafts, toys etc. We all know kids loose & break toys… ALWAYS and if you only paid $1, who cares right?


Plate color

Pack of paper plates -$1

Thick Popsicle Sticks -$1

Colors – Had on hand

Hot Glue – On hand

The girls decorated their balloon paddles. Abigayle “decorated” 50, while Seri did a beautiful job on one.  Once they finished I hot glued the large Popsicle stick to the back & viola! Balloon paddles! They were thrilled to hit the balloon back and forth. Meanwhile, while they were coloring & paddling.. 60 balloons were getting blown up in the bedroom.



4 Packs of Balloons (15 in each) -$4

Although, breathless… the excitement for the girls to come in to a balloon filled room was worth the near asthma attack, haha! And to add in the excitement, they got blindfolded…

blind fold

This could have been a game in itself, because these girls blind folded was hilarious.. even just the 5 steps they took into the bedroom! Will definitely keep this in mind for another rainy day!

Boy was it awesome!! They barreled through the balloons for over an hour and would go and come back and forth throughout the rest of the day. And yes, yes I even let them jump on the bed. Bad mom… I know, but they had a blast.. so I’ll take the hit. And for $4, you cannot beat it.



After jumping for a couple hours, these girls voluntarily took a break. Netflix & Chill lasted about 30 minutes, which was just enough time for me to regroup and set up the next activity! They watched ‘Home’ which is a favorite of these curly haired cuties. They of course had to have some popcorn (not photographed 🙂 )


-Hefty Gallon Ziplock Bags -$1

-Painter tape – on hand

-Paint – on hand

-White copy paper – on hand

This one is seriously the bomb! You get all the thrill of coloring with ZERO mess & way less paper. You out the copy paper on the table, table the bottom of the Ziplock bag to the table, put good size dollop of different paint mixtures inside the ziplock bag, seal and tape down… Then GO TO TOWN! It is so cool to see the colors mix all together and if you mess up, don’t have to get a new paper, just wipe and start again!


-3 pack of balls – $1

-Mixing bowls – on hand

Who knew something so simple as tossing a ball into some bowls would be so titillating? But for these two adventurers, they had a blast! And I must say… we’ve got a couple of competitive cuties on our hands… They were really into it.

To our surprise, the rain subsided and we were able to get outside for a bit, thankfully. No matter how fun the inside is, there is just nothing like fresh air! So we took a trip over to the neighbors donkey and gave them a little snack…

Where Seri is fearless when it comes to animals, Abigayle is a bit more cautious.. as you can see. None-the-less, they both still really enjoyed feeding him and I think he did as well! I couldn’t believe he ate the bread right from her hand!


If this day tired you and tested your patience as much as mine, do yourself a favor….

bubba teeth

Buy the Bubba Teeth


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did when they put them in… and preceded to wear them the rest of the evening. OH EM GEE… hilarious.

All in all we did not let the rain dampen our spirits.. Instead The Adventurers embraced the day indoors and had a ball! I hope this helps, the next time you’re stuck in doors!


All our love,

The Adventurers

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