Tyler, Texas is Closed on Mondays

February 1st, 2016 – Occupying the Adventurer’s on a Monday. $FREE$

If you live in Tyler, Texas or a town like Tyler, you are fully aware that the whole activity scene basically shuts down. This is partially to my gain and peril. I work for a Country Club in town that closes on Monday’s, however, so is everything else…..

  • iJump – Closed on Monday
  • Discovery Science Place – Closed on Monday
  • Brookshire’s Museum – Closed on Monday
  • The Center for Earth & Space Science Education – Closed on Monday

…..Therefore, we have to rely on old trusties and the imaginative adventuring spirit.

This past Monday I was lucky enough to have the adventure duo to pal around with all day, while Lili suffered her way through a nursing school day. Yes… I was the luckier mom!

Rose Rudman Trails & Southside Park – Donnybrook Ave, Tyler, TX 75703


My favorite place to kill 2 birds with one stone is Rose Rudman! Not only does it titillate the girl’s spirits, I get a little exercise in as well. We always park away from the actual play ground so we’re forced to walk to and from.



One of the girls favorite things to do on our walk is to throw whatever they can into the creek (rocks, sticks, leaves, etc). Now, you may be thinking… “neat” idea, but honestly they could throw things for an hour and there are plenty of good spots to give it a whirl.

The park itself is pretty typical.. slides, swings, basketball, oh my! None the less, put any 3 & 4 year old adventurers at a park and they will have a blast AND it’s OPEN and FREE. Before you know it they’ve got all the kids there in a heated game of pirates vs. Captain Hook (obviously me… the villain).

After we played, found treasures, laughed, cried & more Seri, Abi, and I trekked back to the car. By this time they’re dirty and famished and ready for more action! I asked myself, what has action and food and isn’t closed??

“SAVIOR” SONIC Drive-In- 5980 Old Jacksonville Hwy


Plenty of sand and sun with a side note of food. You would have thought the sand at Sonic was sitting next to a beach with how entertained the girls were. We had a jumping contest and a built sand castles (mounds). There is shaded picnic tables to enjoy your lunch, and nice equipment to play on as well . An added bonus, we all ate for under $15 and were satisfied.

Once our adventurers were all tuckered out, the requested a bubble bath which I was of course happy to oblige!


Overall, I would say this Monday was a success. Seri & Abi had a blast (I can attest for Abi being asleep by SIX THIRTY) and I paid $15 for a whole day of fun. So maybe I am thankful that all of those fancy places were closed, because surely my pockets would’ve been extra dry if not. Hours of fun & happy girls, what more could a mom want?! (Besides a new closet, yacht, endless wine… etc. etc.) 🙂


With all our love,

The Adventurers


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